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Your donation transforms lives.

You can help us live out our mission and walk alongside children with special needs. Please give generously!

All of our programming is provided free of charge and is only made possible through your donations.

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Other ways you can give…

To donate in any of the below ways, please contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form here.

Volunteer your time

We’re always looking for a range of volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.

See current opportunities and apply! ›

New or used goods

We accept a long list of used items, whether technology, equipment for those with disabilities or toys. If you’re considering donating goods, please reach out to see if they’re appropriate.

Art, crafts or concerts as fundraisers

If you have artwork, books, or crafts to auction as a fundraiser or a concert you ’d like to host for the Arijah Foundation, you can give in this unique way too.


Thank you, your donation is helping kids like Thierryunrie (“T”) be all that they can be!

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