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My Daughter, Azaria

A parent testimony by Starette Pichevin

My daughter, Azaria, was diagnosed with a disabling condition at the age of five. I was told she wouldn't be able to attend school and none of the child care centers said they could accommodate her.

Thank God I came across the Arijah Children's Foundation who welcomed her with open arms at their Blossom Centre. I have felt so blessed and grateful to them that she has somewhere she could go to be with other children and persons who had made her feel loved and most welcomed and cared for. She received special education and therapy and enjoyed summer camps too.

Whenever I needed help with getting her specialized care like her feeding tubes and nutritional supplements the Arijah Children's Foundation funded and provided these things for her. And when the Global Pandemic hit and I lost my job they gave me employment at their Blossom Shop.

The Arijah Children's Foundation is a help to me and my daughter and I am so grateful to them for all the love and help and support their have given to us both in our personal lives. May God continue to bless them all.