Our hope is to give people with special needs the opportunity to blossom and develop their full potential.  We aim to do this by providing educational and therapeutic services at our Blossom Centre, in other school settings, and in family homes.  Currently our services include:

Early Intervention for children ages birth to 5 years          Educational Support for children ages 5-18 years

Life Skills Development for all ages                                   Therapy Clinics: Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy for all ages

Blossom Tree Logo 2012Blossoms for Blossom Centre is our partnership program to encourage regular funding support for the Foundation’s learning and care facility called Blossom Centre. Since opening in 2010, Blossom Centre has helped many children to make great strides in developing life changing abilities – giving them hope for a brighter future!



1185232_538870532813_163944125_nA Voice of My Own is a special project in which we invite you to help us give a child who cannot speak a voice of their own.  Donate a used or new ipad and we will teach a child who cannot speak to use the ipad to be their voice.  We will also train the child’s family and teachers so the child will have a network of support wherever they go.